Jennings - Local issues versus THE issue

Three weeks until polling day.

So there can be no doubt an election period is upon us. Your letterboxes are being filled and signs of support are appearing in the windows of a few households. However as much as we try to concentrate on the local issues the big issue of Brexit is at the forefront of electors mind, and whilst I share that frustration (more of that later), there is nothing I can do about it. Ask me about cinemas , leisure centres and council tax and I have chance, international treaties are well above my pay grade.

Last night I was stopped by a resident who said she wouldn't be voting because ,"Democracy died on March 29th", the day we should have left the European Union. I hear the angst but if I believed that I wouldn't be spending the time and effort I am to get elected. Westminster is but a small part of our system and a good number of community minded people are making public efforts to make the difference.

So what do I say:-

If Brexit is a major issue in this election ask my opponents how they voted in the referendum. For the record here I will state I voted to Leave and I am just as frustrated as you.

These are local elections. I am sure other candidates would want to be judged on things they can affect and the things they want to do. As such I want to continue the District Council tax freeze, get that multi screen cinema, promote our new Leisure centre and keep our streets safe for pedestrians.

Never give up on our political system, the alternatives are too horrible to contemplate.

So please vote on local issues but please, please vote. As another elector has told me, "If you don't vote you can't complain". After this election, I hope as many of you as possible can complain to me as your District Councillor.

Will Jennings is the Conservative candidate for Hugglescote St Mary's ward

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