Tony urges Whitwick residents to voice their opinions of future of Hermitage site

Tony Gillard

Whitwick Councillor Tony Gillard is urging village resident to attend an important public meeting to discuss the future of the existing Hermitage Leisure Centre site which is due to close in two years time upon the completion of a brand new leisure centre for Whitwick and Coalville.

Councillor Andrew Woodman, Portfolio Holder for Community Services at NWLDC has said: “The current leisure centre will stay open until the new one is ready to receive customers in 2021. It’s important that we have a plan in place for the site once the leisure centre closes so we can see this important piece of land used in the best way possible.

“We would like to see leisure and recreation leading the way here and would like to explore every possibility, which is why we have a range of organisations ready to speak to people at the event about their particular interest area.

“Everyone is welcome at this event – you’ll be able to find out about the possibilities for the site and what options might be out there. You’ll also be able to give your feedback and ideas, which we’ll feed into the process when we’re planning what to do with the site. I hope lots of people come along to the event so we get a good amount of feedback.”

Councillor Gillard reiterated "Hermitage Leisure Centre has been an amazing resource for Whitwick and the wider community but it is tremendously exciting the the village is going to have a brand new, state of the art, facility.

"It is vital that we make the best possible use of the existing site; a plan that can be put into operation as soon as the new centre opens.

"I'm very much looking forward to hearing the views of groups and local residents on Monday 4 November; and I'm sure all of the district councillors for Whitwick will want to put the argument for retaining the best community aspects of the site."