Stuart Gillard - It's time for a fresh look at the way we recycle

When you've been around local politics for a little while you get to learn nothing gets residents angrier than a windy day when the recycling is due to be picked up.

It’s not really anyone’s fault but the combination of a red box full of empty cans, a yellow bag of old newspapers and a decent gust of wind really can play havoc with our local streets.

Of course our bin crews try their very hardest to make sure recyclables are collected but it really doesn’t take much to have empty plastic milk bottles blowing down the road; and the switchboard lighting up.

The boxes and bags that we use have been our solution for quite a few years now and we think they work quite well. Most of the time.

But as time moves on you have to think if there are better ways of doing the things we’ve always done.

We've done just that and we’re delighted to let you know that our Conservative administration recently approved a trial for a new way of collecting recyclables to take place in North West Leicestershire.

Over the coming year we will be asking volunteers to test a new stacking, wheeled system that has been designed to prevent rubbish from blowing about on a windy day.

As you might imagine providing as new style of container to the whole of North West Leicestershire is an expensive business, so it’s important that we get it right.

But if our upcoming trial is as successful as we hope it will be then we’ll roll out the system in 2020.

Bin collections aren’t the most exciting subject but, actually, it’s what a Conservative council is all about.

Delivering the services that we all depend on in the best possible way for the lowest possible cost.

It’s what we do.

Stuart Gillard is District Councillor for Hermitage ward

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