North West Leicestershire among the best areas in the UK for lowering unemployment

Newly released government statistics have revealed that whilst unemployment in Britain as a whole is at a 40 year low the North West Leicestershire economy is in a particularly buoyant state with the number of people out of work falling even quicker than in most other parts of the country.

In March 2018 just 575 people throughout the whole constituency were claiming unemployment benefits, a drop of 220 since March 2015 and a massive reduction of 1,145 since 2010, when the last Labour government were in power.

Statistics reveal that as an area North West Leicestershire is in the top 30 constituencies in the whole of the United Kingdom for seeing people move from benefit into work since 2010. We’re in the top 20 since 2015,and second amongst English constituencies!

In Britain today the rate of employment is 75.4%, the highest since comparable records began and youth unemployment has fallen by more than 40% since 2010.

Further good news showed that in the three months to February 2018 wages rose by 2.8%, stronger than February’s inflation rate of 2.7%. So not only are there more people in work but, on the whole, we’re getting paid more for the work that we do.

It’s worth remembering that in Labour’s last term of office unemployment increased by one million; youth unemployment increased 44%; and of course just like every Labour government before unemployment was higher when they left office than when they took power!

It’s a Conservative government that is delivering good jobs news for Britain. It’s with the help of Conservative councils that we’re delivering great news for North West Leicestershire.