Local Labour march for the EU - they think they know better than you

In June 2016 34,969 of us here in North West Leicestershire cast our votes to Leave the European Union. That's 60.7% of us who voted that day.

Vote Result

When we voted we knew exactly what we were doing. We weren't being fed lies but weighed the advantages and the downsides too and, on the whole, those of us who voted to 'Leave' stand by our decision.

Many of our friends and loved ones voted Remain.Those who voted that way weren't stupid, neither were those who voted Leave. We just had different opinions.

And now, more than two years after that historic day, most of us - no matter which way we voted, understand that the democratic will of the people is to Leave the European Union on March 29th next year.

Some people aren't so happy to accept your democratic decision though.

The North West Leicestershire Labour Party for example.

Last Sunday, at the start of the Labour Party conference @Remain-Labour tweeted "This is the full and final list of CLPs that have passed a contemporary motion for #Lab18 on Brexit - the overwhelming majority of which call for the party to back a #PeoplesVote...Thanks to you, #Brexit is not inevitable"

Remain Labour

You know who was on that list? 

North West Leicestershire Labour Party - a party who think they know better than the people of our wonderful district.

At the same time Labour's County Councillor for Coalville was out marching in Liverpool.

She wasn't marching in support of the decision made by 60.7% of us though; but rather waving the flag of the European Union.

Terri Eynon

You see Labour in North West Leicestershire think that they know better than you.

Today Keir Starmer, Labour's Shadow Brexit Secretary told his conference "Nobody is ruling out Remain as an option".

Keir Starmer

That's because Labour, both locally and nationally, think that they know better than the people of North West Leicestershire.

As Conservatives we have more respect for you. The people of North West Leicestershire have spoken, clearly and definitively.

We trust you because we respect democracy.

We respect you because we know how much thought you put into your decision first time around.