Labour's local election tribute act to the Conservatives - a letter to the Coalville Time Editor

Last week the Coalville Times printed an article about Labour's local election manifesto launch.

Our Deputy Chairman, Leon Spence, writes to the Editor.


Dear Sir

North West Leicestershire Labour Election Manifesto

If it is true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then reading your article ‘Labour unveil manifesto for the local elections’ in last week’s Coalville Times North West Leicestershire Conservatives should be very flattered indeed.

Labour is promising to build new council homes, they haven’t mentioned that a Conservative district council have done just that, around 60 of them with more coming online; the first to be built in our district for 27 years – 15 of which were under Labour control.

Our opposition are saying that council homes will be maintained to a Decent Homes standard, they seem to conveniently forget that all of them are now officially ‘Decent’ thanks to massive investment - and ahead of schedule - after a previous Labour administration had allowed them to deteriorate.

Labour are proposing a cinema – announced by Conservatives some time ago; and making tackling rough sleeping a priority – again forgetting our ‘No second night out’ policy.

Labour say they want to provide an environment where businesses can flourish; it was unfortunate more of them didn’t attend last week’s Business Recognition Awards where they would have heard companies, both large and small, paying testimony to the support a Conservative led council has provided them with.

The truth is that locally Labour are offering nothing new.

North West Leicestershire Tories have played a vital role in delivering one of the fastest growing economies outside London, higher than average wages and low unemployment.

That means we have been able to freeze council tax locally for 9 years (and can do so for 4 more) AND deliver an ambitious plan for economic growth and improving public services.

Labour have announced a plan which is little more than pale imitation of what a Conservative administration has already delivered.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of a flattery, but sadly the truth is that copies are seldomly as good as the original.

Yours sincerely

Leon Spence

Deputy Chairman (Political), NWLCA