Evans - What Britain and business needs is Brexit, not a socialist disaster

In response to Councillor Dave Everett,  District Councillor for Thringstone, whose letter ‘Purveyors of Misfortune and Victims of Self Delusion’ appeared in the Coalville Times, I would like to make the following response:

Firstly, I am the Official Conservative Party district council candidate for Thringstone; I am also Commercial Director for a local firm which provides specialist parts globally.  I SUPPORT Brexit entirely because having looked at all the pro’s and con’s, our business has rightly concluded that we would rather be free to trade with the 85% of the world that is outside the EU.  That is not to say we don’t want or like our European Customers, quite the contrary; but we do not need to be part of a corrupt, dishonest political system that favours the interests of Big Pharma, Big Agro and other large lobbyists with rules and regulations that discriminate against both small firms and those from outside the EU trying to sell into it in order to trade freely.  The 30% Tariffs on African food imports for their farmers cause the poverty that drives the migration crisis.  This policy is made in Brussels and it’s dangerous, mad and cruel.

Are we free to leave by the way, not really, the EU is making such a huge deal of Brexit because it is scared that if we leave, we will make a success of it and within 18 months the Irish too will leave (we are by far their biggest export market) and may join a tri-country agreement with ourselves and the USA.  Wow, what a fantastic prospect that would be.  However, for now, it is like the hotel California, we can check out anytime we like but we can never leave. 

We do not need to put up artificial trade barriers to compete.  All that does is ensures that we also face similar barriers in the areas of the world that are really taking off (the 85% of the world).  Just give us a level playing field, leave us alone as far as unnecessary bureaucracy is concerned and let us finish the job.  We have the finest engineers and fabricators in the world working at our main site in Stephenson Industrial Estate; and we have one of the finest seats of learning for teaching welding in Stephenson College.

40% of our work goes to the US which is the world’s largest economy and where we could increase this trade exponentially if it were not for the rules preventing us sending engineers and trainers to customer sites.  A free trade deal there would boost our competitiveness hugely.

We are also operating in the 6th largest economy, one that is expanding fast with its huge buying power of 1.3 billion people, India. 20% are living to western standards and growing fast.  Unfortunately as we write we have goods stuck in customs and our parts are being continually delayed by small rules.  Give us a free trade deal please.

The biggest threat to our economic security however comes from neither lack of free trade deals with other countries or the prospect of trading in Europe on WTO rules.  If we want to see 5 million or more people unemployed we should vote for the most radical Marxist administration ever witnessed in this country.  Those of us who are old enough to remember will shudder at the thought of factories paralysed by the restrictive practices of the unions which Labour have vowed to return to.  Remember when complete lines had to shut down while we waited for the one designated person who could change the fuse to have his or her lunch break?  I remember the days when as a young employee I was paying 36% tax at basic rate plus NI contributions. The country used to strike at the drop of a hat, firms were on a three day weeks, no power for 3 days a week? 

Those were the good old days right? We were labelled as the sick man of Europe. 

Remember also the runs on the pound meaning less buying power and more inflation.

Well, that’s exactly where the opposition aspire to take us, into the abyss.  The rhetoric aimed at the so called 1% of super rich who pay 26% of the tax money for our essential services is vile and who could blame them all if they all jumped ship?  The 6th biggest city in France by population is London, full of tax exiles escaping the same oppression in their country. 

Remember when it happened in the '60s and '70s? 

We called it the Brain Drain where opportunities called in other parts of the world, where hard work is rewarded.  We lost all the skilled and talented doctors, lawyers and everyone else who was being hounded for being successful. 

Who can justify death duties of 99%?  At least Dick Turpin wore a mask!! 

Unfortunately, Marxist ideology does not like people to better themselves or work harder for their future, for a nice retirement, that’s just not allowed. 

So if we cleanse our country of the rich Arabs, French, American and other high earners, who is going to stump up the bill for the fantastic promises in spending? Well borrowing is one way (remember the old living off the credit card trick); higher taxes (and I mean much higher); and increased prices.  One of the paradoxes of Socialist policy is that it is always inflationary and always hits the poorest harder.

If you wish to take a real gamble with your future financial and fiscal security forget anything that may or may not happen with Brexit, its small change to the havoc that a Corbyn / McDonald Marxist rerun of failed 60s and 70s policies would have on us.

Mark Evans is the Conservative district council candidate for Thringstone in next year's local elections

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