Conservative NWLDC works with community groups to bring extra colour to our district

Conservative controlled North West Leicestershire District Council has set out to help green-fingered community groups bring colour and life to towns and villages after they received bulbs through the district council's 'Green Shoots' scheme.

The scheme, which has provided 146,500 bulbs to community groups since it began in 2015, encourages groups from across North West Leicestershire to apply for match funding that is spent on the bulbs of a variety of flowers.

Last year alone 16 different groups and parish councils applied for a total of 58,000 bulbs. These have been planted this spring helping to make the district more attractive and pleasant for residents and tourists alike. 

Groups to benefit this year include Swannington Parish Council and the Swannington Open Gardens Group which jointly applied and were successful in receiving 40,000 mixed bulbs to plant in the Swannington area.

The Donington Darlings Women’s Institute received 1,000 daffodils and 1,000 crocus bulbs, while the Friends of Oakthorpe group also planted 2,000 in their village.

Green Shoots forms part of NWLDC’s wider Green Footprints project which is the council’s commitment to making the district a greener place to live and work.

The scheme is currently closed, and will re-open on Monday 4 June for applications to receive bulbs for spring next year.

Orders need to be for a minimum of 2,000 bulbs, which can involve a combination of different types of flower.  This number of bulbs would cost approximately £100, with a further £100 of match funding provided by NWLDC.

Councillor Alison Smith MBE, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Community Services at NWLDC, said: “This wonderful scheme continues to grow and grow each year thanks to the support of community groups that want to see the towns and villages where they live in bloom.

“These flowers make me proud to call North West Leicestershire home and means our beautiful district even more attractive and welcoming every spring. The scheme makes the bulbs very affordable and if your community group would like to plant next spring then get your application when it reopens in June.”

Alison Smith